Dating advice – Why should you give dating apps a try?

I can safely assume that it is more than likely that you have given up on dating online a long time ago. Why you may ask? You probably hear the many popular opinions from different people – they tell you that they question whether dating apps are safe, that everyone you meet online is a creep because they are a stranger, that everyone online just cares about casual hookups and they’re not interested in building anything meaningful. This can barely be called dating advice, let alone useful.

FYI we also compiled a guide that explains how to date during pandemic.

Dating advice to help you reach far more people

Dating apps are have been rising in popularity for years and it feels like dismissing them might be wrong. At the very least, it may require second thoughts. Many people approach them already assuming that everyone on there will only care about seeing them naked and that even if they do go out, the evening will end in one of their bedroom’s. And then, one of them will simply never text or respond to the other person’s texts ever again. Of course, these people can be found while trying to date onlin. But isn’t it true that you can also find them at your office, school, university, in your neighbourhood, at a party, at the gym or anywhere else?

Online dating apps give you more opportunity to meet people because they remove the stress of coming up to someone and needing to think of a clever pick-up line. When you use one, you know nearly everyone else is prepared for an interaction with others. Some dating apps allow people to swipe on the ones they find the most interesting, alike or attractive. If someone’s hobbies or interests do not appeal to you, no need to come up with elaborate plans on how to be honest with them. It also goes for if your expectations do not match theirs. You can simply message them. If they say something that offends or hurts you, you can block or report them on the platform. Dating apps are generally similar to real-life dating. 

Dating apps made for everyone, responding to specific user features

These days there are hundreds of online dating apps dedicated to all kinds of people. It is based on their sexuality, religion, hobbies, lifestyle, age and more. There are dating apps made for people trying to find others who are focused on work and building a professional career. Then, for seniors, gay or bisexual people, those who enjoy sports or travel. You can really find an app that will suit your every need. This way you don’t have to go through the abundance of random people that you are unsure about. You can also consider dating on Facebook. You can find dating ideas online that will help you plan something original that will blow your date away. If you listen to our dating advice, you won’t regret it.

Give yourself a chance and approach dating apps and sites with a newfound interest. Treat the people like you would anyone else. But naturally don’t forget to stay safe. If someone is acting suspicious or saying things that come across as threatening, do not ignore it. It’s best to meet someone for the first time in a public place to which you will both get separately. Don’t agree for them to pick you up and see where you live. Also, do not immediately exchange phone numbers or important personal details. The other person can potentially use them identify who you are.

Best dating advice is to stay safe

Just because you don’t know who is one the other side of the screen, does not mean that you should completely dismiss them. Strangers turn to friends, dates or lovers. After all, every friend you have today or had in the past was once nothing more than a stranger to you. Give others a chance, take the necessary precautions, and enjoy your time! Our guide to dating provides complete and high-quality dating advice but it is also about fun – approach dating freshly and openly, and it will be much easier for you, whatever happens!

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