How to start dating on Facebook?

We know that Facebook can be used for multiple purposes. Not only does it enable you to connect with current friends or reconnect with old ones, find events in your area, follow the pages that inspire you. It also goes beyond allowing you to post pictures and responding to Facebook’s crucial question of “What’s on your mind?”. You can use it as a way to meet new people. Most profiles there belong to real people and through ads, groups and pages you can easily find fellow users that catch your attention. But what about actually dating on Facebook?

What about dating on Facebook app?

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In case you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has introduced its own dating app. The goal is to start connecting its users with each other. It is about making it easier for people whose status on the platform states that they are “single”. The idea is to recommend potential matches based on the activity on Facebook to those who create their dating profiles. There are other factors that are taken into account here. They include dating preferences, mutual friends, groups that the users are members of, events that they attended.

Many other useful features are also available that make it a nice addition to what the platform has to offer. If you’re interested in finding that out, download it and find out how the Facebook dating app works.

How to meet new people (hopefully single) on Facebook?

However, you can find a date through Facebook using one of the organic methods as well. You don’t only need to go for strangers – dating on Facebook can also include your friends or their friends, or THEIR FRIENDS. How can you do that then?

Check out your friends’ profiles.

Most of us are friends with a lot of people on the FB platform, definitely more than what our actual number of friends is. This way, you end up staying connected to people that you only met briefly in the past, at school, on holiday, during an event, or maybe you were just introduced to them once. But this is your opportunity to browse through your list of Facebook friends. Try it and see if any of those people suddenly seem very attractive to you! It is much easier to strike a conversation with someone like that – perhaps they remember you as well! Don’t wait any longer, get to work.

Be active in groups and on pages you like.

This is the “strangers” part. If you and someone else happen to comment on the same post, shared article, picture or news, you can easily address them. You can engage with them, start a discussion, say that you agree or disagree with their opinion. People are quite sociable this way and it makes dating on Facebook a much more real possibility. Someone might be looking to buy something on the marketplace or they may be asking for everyone’s advice. If you know something that can be helpful for them, don’t be shy – respond! Any social media interaction like that can help you get a new friend or possibly someone very special to you.

Randomly message people that you find interesting.

You may share the same location or maybe you have a huge interest in where they are from. Perhaps they have a nice dog or they are your former neighbour and you just want to say ‘hi’. Maybe you just like what they look like. It takes some courage to message strangers and just say that you want to talk. They may ignore you or be busy – if so, understand them – but they might be looking for someone to talk to as well. This doesn’t only apply to dating on Facebook. If you’re feeling lonely, you can try this solution as well. A moment of bravery can turn into something positive that will stay with you forever!

Use Facebook to find events, businesses and places that you like.

Facebook can make it easier for you to have access to things that you can encounter physically, even in your vicinity. You can go to events in your area that are not so popular or widely marketed. You could find companies or shops that sell clothes or food that you were looking to buy, but you never heard about any businesses selling them. Learning about these new social places can be beneficial for your social life, as you can go to your places of interest and enjoy yourself as you get to know other people who share your hobbies and passions.

Give dating on Facebook a try!

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Though Facebook does have a new dating feature – available only in some countries – it does not focus on dating. But you can make use of the number of other users that it connects you. You probably won’t find a place that will give you access to millions all around the world! Make use of this opportunity and be sociable. Find groups and people that share your hobbies, attend new events and join clubs. Bring the people you meet online into your real-life – and don’t be afraid to start dating on Facebook! We can also show you how to find your soulmate online.

Consider dating on Facebook as a viable option!

Have you ever gone on a date with a person you met through Facebook? Tell us!

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