Dating During Pandemic – Can You Pull it Off? COVID-19 Dating Guide

Since the current COVID-19 pandemic is making rapid changes to our lifestyles, our options for being social are also limited. Especially meeting new people is hard nowadays. Not only does it feel risky health-wise, but many events, classes and meetings are cancelled or held online. People are losing jobs or switching to their home office versions. In some countries, it can even be nearly impossible to leave the house. So, how do you meet someone new? As everything is moving online, so can your social and dating life. Dating during pandemic may mostly take place online. It is safe this way and keeps you from being lonely. For example, follow our advice and start dating on Facebook.

When you decide to chat with someone new, possibly start dating, your habits, mutual interests and priorities generally help you assess if the other person is a good fit for you. But today, the approach that you and your partner take regarding protection from COVID-19 have added a new compatibility standard. That involves answering some questions. These include: What steps do you take in and after encounters if your work needs you to be around others? What safety measures are kept in the places that you go to, for work, recreation, school? How do you control the risk of virus exposure and how aware of it are you? Do you live with other people? Are you going to public areas and restaurants? Those are all factors that should be considered and discussed.

First of all, be cautious if you decide to be dating during pandemic

We have consulted some experts on this topic to find out what the real answers to your most common questions are. It is advised to ask the above questions early on, best to do so before meeting in person. The answers help you get an idea of how much this person may transmit coronavirus to other individuals and environments. In essence, you aim to calculate the risk factor and how safe it is to spend more time together.

You must bear in mind that it doesn’t just affect you to introduce yourself to a new person. The influence also applies to the people you live or work with. It also works with your whole local community as you go out. You need to have effective contact not only with a partner but also with the people around you – those you interact with daily. When someone else is still concerned about their wellbeing, they should speak to you about the protection measures that you can take – as a team! You share one goal – health.

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Talking online or seeing each other in person?

Many of us may decide to finally meet up with the new potential partner. Dating during pandemic outdoors might be the obvious choice. This includes long walks, picnic dates, bike trips, sitting in a park or having a drink somewhere outside. However, this was easier during the summer. With the upcoming winter in most parts of the world, spending time outside will get difficult. Moreover, we know how it is. At some point, different for everyone, we want to get more intimate and thus meet inside.

As we learned, a relevant factor here is the COVID 19 cases and population numbers in your area. They represent a good criterion for advising your decision to meet somewhere indoors in your area. If your location has higher transmission rates, even someone in a restaurant or cafe may have COVID-19. It makes it more likely to get infected — so you might want to keep it online or outdoors for the time being. If your community’s transmission rates are lower, not much is stopping you from enjoying time together at an indoor cafe, restaurant or even seeing a movie!

What can you do if you want to spend intimate moments with the other person?

Essentially, experts advise that you get a COVID-19 test first and meet up only after the results come back negative. It is also hard to conclude if wearing masks would be helpful in a face-to-face situation. This mainly applies to being REALLY CLOSE. After all, it is not likely that you will be having sex while keeping a safe distance, right?

The pandemic is a trying time for everyone and it may well result in a lot of us feeling lonely or forgotten. Keep in mind that you can always reach out to your friends or family. If you don’t feel comfortable about meeting a stranger, talk to those you know. If you are tempted to contact a former lover or partner, remember to really think about it. Depending on how you ended things and what the reason was, it might be a push to start this relationship again. But if the reasons for breaking up were serious, be aware that reconnecting can hurt you and cause anxiety, fear, anger or anything in between. Sometimes the past should be left where it is – in the past.

Don’t worry – dating during pandemic is still a thing!

We hope that with our dating advice, you will be able to enjoy life like nothing has changed. Do not forget to check out our information on how to find your soulmate as well!

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