Happn Review – How to Turn Encounters Into Dates!

In this Happn review, you will learn more about an app that is fairly simple to use and set up, but also engaging and practical.

Imagine if something suddenly changes in your daily routine. It could be a tiny thing that seems to be a mere addition to the image of your whole day. Consider this: you leave the house, you take the bus to work. There is this guy that you can’t stop looking at. You see him every day, he takes the same bus. All you have is that you can mercilessly yet secretly stare at him every morning for about 20 minutes and think about what could’ve been. He then gets off the bus and is gone, until you meet again tomorrow, and the day after that, and so on.

Maybe you will forget about this crush someday, but it would be even nicer if you got to talk to him, become friends, maybe more. Well, imagine if the element that changes in your routine is that now you get to do all those things and to be far beyond what you ever expected to happen with this guy. Sounds like a dream, huh? Turns out it is no longer that.

Happn review – introducing a dating app that lets you meet people that you come across

happn dating site review and description

Happn is a mobile dating app program launched in February 2014 that links users who are geographically near to each other. The objective is to link those that have already crossed paths or came into some sort of contact. This dating app pairs its users based on those that were within the 250 meters proximity of each other. And it does so for its more than 50 million users worldwide. It’s a free app that users can download to their iOS, Android and Windows devices. But you may consider subscribing to a premium membership to make full use of its features.

Most of Happn’s users are within the 25-34 age range but the app is suitable for people of all ages. It is not made strictly for youngsters and more mature people will also find it useful. However, if you are mature but Happn is not your ideal dating choice, we have compiled a list of recommended best senior dating apps. Though Happn is often viewed as a dating app that makes it easier to find men than women, there are only a bit more male users here.

Happn review – how to sign up and use this dating app?

Happn does not have a verification process for users who are first signing up. There are two simple ways to create an account on Happn and get it up and going. It can be linked or registered with your Facebook account or your mobile number.

You will need to input some details but there is no need to fill out complicated tests or write long descriptions. The details include your name, date of birth and gender. Additional stuff, like the info about your job, hobbies and characteristics will also be preferred, but not required. You also need to mark whether you wish to cross paths with men, women or both before you can go on. User profiles will then display limited information about them which only gives a general idea of who the other person is. Matchmaking will not necessarily be the strongest point of Happn. Users are able to upload up to nine pictures and hide some personal details by subscribing to the premium membership.

How to find the people you like and interact with them?

Happn has no search feature, unlike other applications, which may be a disadvantage for some. It displays your matches depending on the defined parameters, which would be the proximity and user’s expectations. You can send other users likes, but you can only start chatting if you both like each other. When two participants give a like to each other, they get a matching “crush”. If you get a premium membership, you can make this much faster. It can be sped up by being able to view a list of your likes so that you can browse them and possibly like them back.

Another feature is hello, which is not secret like giving likes is, but it shows the other person that you are greeting them and want to chat and get to know each other. Below, in another section of this Happn review, we will describe additional elements of it that are not so standard anymore and make the experience more fun and colorful!

Happn review describing special features that make Happn stand out

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Sign up for Happn and see for yourself!

Happn does not provide video messaging facilities to its customers. However, you might be sending a voice message to your crushes which will make up for it to an extent. A very enticing feature is the ability to sync Happn with your account on Spotify. If you’re a music person, you get the chance to show your personality better by sending tracks to your “crushes”. Perhaps you will end up tracking another music buff this way!

Crush Time is an in-app game that shows four players you’ve recently crossed paths with. Then you’re going to have to pick who of those representatives was the one who liked you. Have it right to be able to deliver a message to the person right away. If you’ve guessed it incorrectly, a like will instantly be sent to the person you’ve picked. What’s more, you can show what you’re up to for the next six hours. Let the other participants know that you’re open to eating, drinking, watching a movie, or just hanging out. This way you are inviting them to spend time with you and choose an activity that you are in the mood for.

You feel like giving Happn a shot? Not a problem – try it here!

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