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Wondering how Coffee Meets Bagel works? In this review, we will explain how it operates and what is distinctive about it. Moreover, we will figure out who would benefit from using it. Coffee Meets Bagel is a more fresh take on dating online, which attempts to fill in the blanks and mistakes that have been present in the world of online dating for years.

CMB tries to focus on women and on creating meaningful relationships between people. It introduces a lot of interactive dating solutions and features. The top objective is to connect people who already have some third-party connections, such as through their Facebook friends. It is available for free, but the paid version offers more features. It’s a relatively low-maintenance app, as it limits you by making it unavailable to browse all other users yourself. There are also some reviews that are not raving and they mainly concern the number of fake or scamming profiles. Some of them mention how a lot of users are openly dishonest about who they are.

Coffee Meets Bagel is dedicated for young people who are searching for deep, lasting relationships. Don’t worry if you are not sure whether it will be the most suitable dating app for you. Check out our suggestions of dating apps for mature people and casual dating apps!

Are you interested now? Do you want to take a closer look at how Coffee Meets Bagel works? Keep reading!

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The primary idea behind this app is #LadiesChoice which is a system developed by CMB’s founders. Every day at noon, men receive up to 21 matches – “Bagels” – and they need to either like or pass on them. They have 24 hours to do that. From the male users who decided to “like” them, the app will extract the best possible matches for the women. They will then receive 6 matches from the men who liked them and it is their choice who they’re going to talk to. However, if you both like each other and you get a chance to connect and start texting, you only have 8 days for it. After that, the conversation expires. This is meant to speed up the whole process and make it about encounters. If you want to reopen this conversation, you will need to spend your Beans on it.

How are the matches being curated for women to ensure that they would really fulfil their expectations?

The system uses your Facebook details and analyzes your friends’ friends. This is an interesting approach that connects you with people that you may already be somewhat familiar with, which can help with online dating and the fear of meeting total strangers. But, on the other hand, it limits the pool of your matches. This structure does not work for everyone and it requires you to be located in a bigger city. CMB is also not as widely popular and accessible as some other dating tools, like Tinder or OkCupid.

Coffee Meets Bagel targets young professionals, living in cities – for instance, most users are reportedly located in New York and Hong Kong – people aged 21-35 years old. This app also focuses on people looking for more meaningful, long-term, serious connections. The majority of its users are women. A survey that was conducted by Coffee Meets Bagel, which concentrated on finding out what its users consider to be the most important and attractive traits in the other person. Both men and women named physical attraction and intellect as key traits for them. Moreover, men mentioned common interests, while women pointed to age as some other crucial elements. 

Is there more to how Coffee Meets Bagel works and what it offers?

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You can browse user profiles in two sections, the Suggested one, which is where men receive Bagels, and Discover. The matches that are visible in the Discover section may not be so well-curated. They may not correspond to your chosen preferences and you might not match theirs either. You can browse through their profiles based on the filters of your choice. If you are interested in someone in this section, you need to use Beans to get in touch with them. Also, if you find someone who would be suitable for your friend, you can recommend that match to them. Similarly to Suggested, there are new matches available here every day at noon.

The way Coffee Meets Bagel works with your Facebook is that it searches for people that you have at least one mutual friend with, but it is not mandatory in order to get matches. Other criteria are included here, such as their gender, age, height, distance from you, religion and ethnicity. CMB Discover filters are more advanced than your primary app preferences, as you get to choose the degree that your match should have and their availability on Coffee Meets Bagel in the last 72 hours. As you see, this dating app wants you to actively use it which heightens your chances of actually meeting someone new.

If you find someone you like in Discover and “like” them, it means you “take” them. As a premium user, you do not need to spend Beans on it, as you get up to 8 Bagels every day without paying extra. This user will be informed about your “like” and they will be able to see you in Discover on their side.

Additional features

There is more on how Coffee Meets Bagel works, as there are enhanced features that add to what we have already established. You could send a Woo to another user, which is to indicate that you are highly interested in them. It tells them that you consider them to be more special than others. This is another feature that will require you to spend Beans though.

The Photo Lab is a contest where you put up two pictures of your choice that you have posted to your profile. Users are asked to vote on which one they prefer and you get to see the results. Alternatively, you can be one of the members voting and choosing between another person’s pictures. Open Sesame is a feature that could help you satisfy your curiosity. It enables you to unlock the profiles of the Facebook friend or friends that you share with your match.

There is Express Delivery, which is an option to message one of your matches beforehand. Mirror Mirror will let you see how you rank among other users that are part of Coffee Meets Bagel. This shows your score among other men and women, and their ratings, as well as your profile’s popularity every week. Question of the Day is a feature that can help you stand out and open up to the other members. In this option, users record their answers to the daily question. The video is then posted in the video section and becomes visible to other members.

Profile information and how to attract other members

In terms of profiles, they cannot be searched manually. The only option to access them is to use one of the matching features of CMB. To establish the focus on young professionals, profiles end up pointing out the users’ education and profession/occupation. Members can finish sentences that are available in their profiles, which are: “I am…”, “I like…” and “I appreciate when my date…”. You can also include 3 icebreakers that are meant to entice your visitors. 

You can upload up to 9 pictures with captions. Profile pictures are publicly accessible and visible to other users. An additional, side element of how Coffee Meets Bagel works is that there is also a chat room.

Coffee Meets Bagel is predominantly a mobile app and their website contains some basic information and links to download the app. It is available for Android and iOS devices. CMB polished the design and functioning of its website and mobile app. They are pleasant to the eye, easy to navigate and minimalist. As the dating app itself seems to be encouraging these elements, it binds the whole idea together quite well.

Free vs. premium memberships

Many of the features require additional payments or signing up as a premium user. If you join for free, you will get access to the mobile app, to create a profile and browse your possible matches’ profiles. You will also be able to message them. There are certain activities in the app that will help you gain free Beans that can be spent on extra features. You can collect them for simple things, like logging in every day for 7 days in a row, following Coffee Meets Bagel’s Instagram, voting in the Photo Lab, inviting your friends to the app and much more. 

As for the paid options, the pool is much bigger here. It gives you 6000 Beans every month, free “takes”, being able to view activity reports on your matches and when your messages get read. You will be able to send unlimited Woos and easily view your mutual friends with the matches.

For more info on how Coffee Meets Bagel works visit their Help Center.

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