What To Do On Valentine’s Day: Impress Your Other Half

The day of love is coming up and you are dreading it because you can’t think of anything to do? See our ideas below on what to do on Valentine’s Day. Make sure that you know what your partner would like. Not everyone enjoys going out and celebrating it with something huge. On the other hand, others can be majorly disappointed if their big evening is spent at home and the only fun part that is planned is Netflix and chill. So, think about it carefully – unless the person you’re dating does not care about Valentine’s at all. In that case, just keep reading and see what others need to deal with once a year!

Out of ideas for what to do on Valentine’s Day? This guide is for you!

Planning a special date for Valentine’s Day can be a stressful experience for most. As if this wasn’t enough, we are in the middle of a global pandemic that makes most things harder than ever. It probably has an impact on your or your partner’s mood and a big celebration could be the last thought on your mind. If you know that this is the case for either of you, be considerate. Plan something mild and not too crazy. Here are some suggestions that you could consider if you are unsure about what to do on Valentine’s Day and want to relax and just be together:

Prepare their favorite dish and watch a classic movie that you both enjoy

A familiar favorite yet undoubtedly effective, this is the standard solution for a night together. But more often than not, this can turn out to be the right idea! Trust us on that. You can cook the meal yourself or order something that you both deem special. Pick a movie or a series of movies, or a TV show, anything that you can have fun watching. Maybe a new horror movie is out and you have been meaning to see it for a while? Perhaps your ideal romantic movie is Love Actually and you like to go back to it every now and then. Maybe there is a show that you’ve been binge-watching together but lately you’ve both been busy? Now is the time to catch up and indulge!

Get a gift – easier said than done?

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If you are critically lacking gift ideas, we know where your mind is going to. If you are considering buying a gift card or voucher, slipping them some cash or something that anyone can give, think again. Is it a voucher to go on a trip together or a store they actually get stuff from? In that case, it’s a thumbs-up for you. But don’t go for purchases that don’t have them in mind. Think back to all the times they mentioned a piece of clothing, an item, destination, or activity they’ve been mentioning that they didn’t end up buying or doing. This is the perfect occasion for a surprise that involves fulfilling one of their dreams or receiving what they haven’t been capable of getting! If you are still feeling lost, check out a list of best Valentine’s Day gifts that is here to rescue you!

Try something new – as simple as that

That’s one way of making this day memorable. If your first thought is doing something dirty – definitely go for it! It could also be eating food from a specific country and having a feast. You can try cooking something challenging that is a process – sushi? It could be your project for the day! Maybe there is a movie that EVERYONE has seen but you are 1 of the 5 people in the world who haven’t? Well, what are you waiting for! If possible, you can also try other activities – go to a sports game, try dancing or painting classes, go to a wine tasting event, or a live cooking session? Find a haunted or abandoned house in your area and go there at night (what could possibly go wrong)?

Turn Valentine’s Day into Adventure Day!

Apart from the new things that we already mentioned, go outside if you can and plan something in nature! If your nearby area allows it, have a bonfire, ideally on the beach! It can create a really cozy, homely atmosphere, perfect for cuddling up close to each other! If this is not your cup of tea, try going on a hike, discover new places, even if they are just in your neighboring area. You can also plan a day trip and go sightseeing. Are there any national parks, castles, lakes, mountains that you would like to visit together?

Make it a whole day (or two)!

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Instead of planning one great activity for the day, you can prepare stuff to do for the whole day and night (and morning, and afternoon?). Combine it however you want. If they are coming back from work, you can surprise them when they return. If there is no time for outdoor activities, run a romantic bath that you could both get into. Set the mood – and go crazy with it! Rose petals, candles, champagne, heart-shaped stuffed animals, nothing is stopping you! Dim the lights, fill up your glasses, get dinner ready and wait! If you have more time together, you can plan it around a specific activity that ends with dinner. You could also buy ingredients to make breakfast together and relax the next day!

Not in an official relationship but already dating?

If you have been going on dates with someone but didn’t have THE talk yet, it’s best to see where you’re standing. You can ask them if they want to hang out on Valentine’s day and, ideally, learn what they would like to do. Maybe they consider you two to be just casual and then you shouldn’t be planning anything major. They could also be the ones who are set on a serious relationship already. The time before February 14th could be the time you discuss your status. Depending on that, make plans that will suit your expectations. You might end up spending this day as friends or it can become your anniversary night.

Single and currently not ready to mingle? Make this day about you!

There are endless possibilities for you if you are not dating anyone and Valentine’s Day rolls around! Spend it the way you want. Turn it into the ultimate Treat Yo Self day – eat whatever you want, watch your shows, listen to your music. Get the best sleep of your life. Take a long bath. Read books all evening with snacks and wine. You can also invite your friends that you can do the same things with! Either way, use it to your advantage – this is the game plan for what to do on Valentine’s Day!

Are you going to use our advice on what to do on Valentine’s Day?

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