Stay in Date Ideas – How to Spend Time Together at Home

Planning home dates with your other half can also be fun! Consider these stay in date ideas next time you can’t go anywhere for a date.

There are some advantages to staying in together. You have much more privacy, save money, and it can be more relaxing because you don’t need to commute or change locations. You can have a limited budget and it will work just fine. After all, you could cook together instead of ordering delivery, and there are no additional costs, like tickets, drinks or taxis. But you may want to or have to stay in for a date because of other reasons. Maybe one of you is sick but you are dying to see each other and can’t reschedule. You might have a project to finish or work to do, or you need to stay home to watch a pet. Or, simply, you don’t like going to crowded places and prefer a quiet time with your partner.

The most important thing is to fight boredom together! So plan ahead for that with our stay in date ideas

a couple having breakfast on the floor as they stay in for a date

You probably already have some regular go-to activities for when you’re together. Many couples watch a specific TV show together, movies from their shared favorite genre, play a multiplayer game, or cook new recipes. For some, the activity itself can be of lesser importance and they just want to be around each other. And don’t get us wrong, that’s good for you. But from time to time you might opt for doing something different that you rarely think of. This is where we come in with our dating advice.

Ready to dive in and see our stay in date ideas? Here you go:

Play board games, cards or chess

Did you know that board games are cool again? Lots of people are keen on spending evenings with their friends and playing board games or cards. Depending on the game, it can be more in the RPG realm, something adventurous that can keep you engaged for hours, or perhaps one of the classics, like chess. It’s great fun that doesn’t stop you from doing other things – chatting, telling jokes and just being with each other.

Wine or chocolate tasting

Prepare a few types of wine, chocolate, cheese or any distinct product you like, set it up on a nice platter or in a glass if it’s a drink, and start tasting! Sample every brand or type, and see what you agree and disagree on!

Do a video game night

If one of you is a serious gamer, consider taking your chances with one of their favorite computer games. In case that turns out to be too hard or complicated, you can always go for Mario Kart. But a quick warning: it can get REALLY competitive.

Make homemade pizza

Making your own pizza is a long and delicious process, but it can be a perfect little project for you two. You might need to prepare the dough in advance and once it’s ready, decide what your chosen ingredients are. You can even go wild and experiment – how about a Cheetos pizza?

Have a movie marathon

The goal is to pick a theme and stick to it. So, choose to watch a few movies about zombies, horror movies from the 70s or all parts of Jurassic Park in one go. Everything is up to you and your taste, and maybe your ability to stay up until early morning. See which one of your falls asleep first!

Plan a theme for the evening

Hear us out: you can go for an old school theme, like the roaring 1920s (Gatsby, if that can paint an accurate picture for you), or a snowy night, or France. Whatever you choose, this is your theme that everything that evening needs to adhere to. So, if you choose France, you could both dress up in what you think are stereotypical French outfits, drink French wine and prepare a platter of authentic cheese, and watch a French movie. You can even think of roleplaying. Put some effort into making this night special and it sure will be – it can really help you escape reality for a bit and pretend to be someone else!

Try arts and crafts

Find a tutorial on how to knit a scarf and try to follow it together. Then you can gift the scarves – or anything that you end up making – to each other. You can think of painting or drawing each other, or decorating mugs together.

Play a question game, like “Would you rather?” or “Never have I ever”

If you think you are not keeping any secrets from each other, try one of these games. You can learn more about the other person and have a ton of laughs as you go. Some answers may shock you, unless you really know everything about each other!

Watch a sports game

If one of you is into sports and, even better, has a favorite and a most hated team, you can sit on the couch with appropriate game snacks, like hot dogs, loaded nachos, or burgers, and cheer or yell together. How fun is that, right? But even if initially your head is not really in the game, it might quickly change after you realize how addictive it can be!

Have a spa night

Treat yourself to a relaxing evening at home. Buy massage oils and give each other a massage! Get face masks, creams and other fancy cosmetics. Even better if you have a bathtub – light candles and set the mood. This will feel better than a weekend away at a renowned spa resort!


You can find workout routines that can be performed by couples. It will be a super fun activity and will make exercising sound much more pleasant if you are not a gym buff! Find a class online or follow a Youtube tutorial. Maybe yoga? You can also explore other healthy dating ideas.

woman in pink tank top and black leggings doing yoga with a shirtless man which is a good stay in date idea

This list could have gone on for much longer! It’s only up to you to think of more stay in date ideas.

Cleaning out your closets or drawers with memorable items? This way you can tick an actual chore off your list and spend the evening reminiscing and telling each other stories of where you got your postcards or favorite magnets.

Playing college drinking games? It will probably not be what it used to but give it a try if you are looking for something competitive!

Reading a book together? Writing poetry? Discussing your favorite quotes? Go for it!

It’s always a good idea to explore alternative date options. Go beyond your routine and plan something that you don’t do every day. It will give your relationship a new breeze of excitement and will take the weight off your shoulders after stressful times at work, school, or home.

Which stay in date ideas are you going to try this weekend?

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