Bumble Review – A Dating App Where Women Have The Power

Bumble has been gaining interest and hype, and we want to find out why. Today, we have prepared a Bumble review, looking into a dating app that tries to overturn the existing social norms in relationships and friendships. How is this Tinder-like dating app attracting growing numbers of users?

Bumble was launched in 2014 by one of the co-founders of Tinder and some features resemble those of this one of the most popular dating apps. Users on Bumble also swipe on their potential matches. In our Bumble review, we will see how similar to Tinder it really is and if it provides a satisfactory experience to all users.

There is a Bumble app that you can download on your iOS or Android device, but you are also free to use the desktop version of the site. You can log in via a Facebook account or use your phone number. You can connect your profile to other platforms, such as Spotify and Instagram, and share your profiles with others. Bumble runs a blog and shares a lot of content on dating, posts dating advice, guides, and love stories.

One of the unique features is that Bumble gives you the option to choose your identity. You are not restricted to choose between male and female, but can go for other gender identities, like genderfluid. You can customize your profile by answering some questions, adding photos, and filling out basic information, like your name and age. But there is limited information that other users can get about you, compared with sites and apps that prompt users to fill out personality tests or give extensive details. This way, you are free to start using the app quickly, but some might prefer to have more personal info beforehand to ensure you truly match their expectations.

Beyond dating

Bumble is not limited to helping people find dates and relationships, but also friends (Bumble BFFs) and people for networking (Bumble Bizz). You can create a separate profile for each of these modes.

You also don’t need to choose between wanting to find either men or women, but there is an option to pick ‘Everyone’.

Bumble follows a more thorough plan and philosophy than most dating apps. Let’s explain this. Bumble is where you build your Hive, so essentially a circle of all your connections in the app, so dates, friends and work partners. The interface is welcoming and wholesome, and the app values inclusivity, empowerment, and mutual respect. You are politely asked to follow these rules and to BEE kind.

It’s an app that gives power to women by letting them express interest in men (or other genders). After you connect with someone, it’s all open. Start chatting, meet up for a date (it might have to be a stay-in date) and see where it goes.

The way profiles are constructed is another nod to Tinder, as a lot of attention is centered around the added photos. You also get to read who the other person is looking for, basic details, like their height or age, education level, pet ownership and their politics. You also have access to their location info and additional questions they answered, like ‘Nightclub or Netflix?’, and their Spotify and Instagram accounts, if they connected them. Bumble encourages you to check out people’s profiles before you swipe on them.

Bumble review: How to meet people and interact with them?

You can swipe right or left to show your interest in someone. If you are REALLY interested and want to let them know, you can use a SuperSwipe. A connection is made when you both swipe right. After that, the woman has 24 hours to initiate a conversation. After 24 hours pass, the match disappears.

Men can use a Daily Extend feature that gives them a chance to keep the communication window open. There is also a Snooze feature that allows users to put their profiles on hold while keeping their matches intact.

There is a Reactions feature where you can pick an element from the other person’s profile and react to it with an emoji. This is made available after you two match. Women can also send a comment as a Reaction. This is one way for them to start a conversation and counts as the first move after a match is made.

Apart from sending messages, users can contact each other through a video call or voice chat.

You’re probably wondering why Bumble grants women more power to decide on who they want to connect with. The reasoning behind it is explained on Bumble’s site:

“There’s no equality without respect, and that’s where all healthy relationships start. To challenge outdated heterosexual norms, women make the first move on Bumble.”

Bumble review: Free vs premium features

You can use Bumble for free but naturally upgrading to the premium account gives you an assortment of benefits and upgrades. The free options include being able to browse, connect, and communicate with other members.

With Bumble Boost, you have access to more features, like seeing who is interested in you, extending your matches if you can’t respond within 24 hours, and connecting with expired matches. But this won’t make your profile more visible or popular with others.

You can also subscribe to Bumble Premium which includes:

Access to unlimited Advanced filters
Access to your Beeline so you can see your admirers
Travel mode to change your location to another city
Backtrack to undo left swipes
Ability to extend time on your current matches
Rematch with users who have expired. (Please note that in opposite-sex matches, men cannot rematch with a woman who hasn’t sent the first message)
Unlimited swipes
One Spotlight per week. This feature advances your profile to the top to be viewable by more people instantly for 30 minutes.
Five SuperSwipes per week. You can SuperSwipe a user’s profile to show that you are really interested in them.

How can Bumble help you get a date or find love?

Typically, you can connect with people who are located up to 100 miles away. However, since April 2020 the distance has been extended and includes people who are within the borders of the country you’re in. For that, you would want to change your location settings to ‘Nationwide’.

Bumble is a superb dating app for women who have privacy or safety issues. It will also work for men who simply don’t mind if the woman makes the first move.

In theory.

There appear to be many negative reviews that point out how one-sided and limiting the app is as men can do very little to initiate or get in contact with women. Many reviews state that profiles are carefully evaluated and reported or blocked, seemingly despite posting nothing offensive or violating the Terms and Conditions.

This app definitely helps women and gives them the right to choose. But will it work for everyone? Unfortunately no. Give it a try and see if Bumble is the place where you will find your soulmate or if you need to keep looking!

What are your experiences with Bumble? Is it a hot new idea or not so much? Give us your thoughts!

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